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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

44 lessons for 44 pounds

I am down 44 lbs total. I am so excited about finally being in the 230's! However, all I can see is that last 6 lbs until my first big goal! -50 lbs is so close yet so far away!

So, to get my mind off of those pesky 6 I am going to share 44 things I have learned since I have lost 44lbs.

1) I have too many clothes in my closet that I will never wear again.
2) I can ride my bike for 10 miles without stopping.
3) I can actually run.
4) I will succeed and make my goal.
5) I am worth it.
6) I can go a whole day without needed a nap.
7) I would rather walk or ride my bike than drive. But some places are just too annoying to get too!
8) Just because I am not a long distance runner, doesn't mean I am exempt from running injuries! BOO!
9) I need better sports bras.
10) I can not wear yoga pants to run in unless I want them to be at my ankles.
11) I am a weirdo who doesn't mind running without music.
12) It makes me feel weird and a little uncomfortable when people tell me I am an inspiration to them because I don't know how to respond.....I have never been an inspiration to anyone!
13) I really need to buy some new underwear....considering I haven't bought any since I have lost weight....
14) I crave water.
15) Fast food generally makes me sick when I eat it now.  Like stomach hurting sick.....
16) I can actually eat one serving of something and not feel like I am starving.
17) There comes a time when you just need to break down and get some smaller pants!
18) You can lose weight in your feet.....who knew!?
19) Even though I don't feel like I am getting smaller, I actually am.
20) Just because the scale isn't moving, doesn't mean I am not getting healthier and smaller.
21) Even though I feel like I am going to die, if I keep going, I will feel better when it is done!
22) I actually look forward to my evening workouts with my sissy!
23) I can go to a restaurant and not drink pop with my meal and still survive!
24) It is possible.
25) It seems weird to me to go on a "leisure" walk now...I feel like I have to take advantage of every calorie burning activity possible!
26) I don't care anymore about what people think when I workout in public.
27) It is much easier to run when you are not pushing a jogging stroller.
28) There is a term called chub-rub......You would think being a fat chick I would have known about this a long time ago!
29) I need new running shoes.
30) I need actual running shoes.
31) Shin splints suck.
32) Blisters on the bottom of your foot also suck.
33) It annoys me that I can run farther and longer on the treadmill than I can outside.
34) Have I mentioned that I really need to breakdown and buy some smaller underwear...lol
35) I am pretty much wearing 2 sizes smaller in both tops and bottoms.
36) Being lazy for more than a day will really hurt your progress on the scale.
37) People in Three Rivers really should know that the track belongs to me and my sister after 8pm....we are very territorial and you are cramping out style! ;-)
38) It is not easy to go on a two mile walk while pulling a wagon with 2 children who both weigh almost 40lbs up hill.
39) I now measure my work outs by how fast I go instead of how far I go.
40) 5 year olds and long distance walks/bike rides don't mix.
41) I need to break up with my scale.
42) I should have measured myself correctly when I started.
43) My FitBit is a really good motivator!
44) And last but not least I have learned that this has and will always be the most difficult journey I will ever be a part of!

Until Next Time......

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  1. What a great post! I can tell you are loving yourself, taking care of your body and being a better/healthier/wiser/good example parent. Good for you. Keep up the great work you are doing. You will make it all the way. Don't stop!