Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I watch a lot of tv. Like a borderline unhealthy Im probably addicted amount of tv. I love it and Im not afraid to admit it..... :-)
So, tonight I found myself watching Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition. 

Yeah, the one with that guy....he's a hottie. Well, while watching it I started thinking to myself how jealous I was that this couple lost so much weight in such a short time and the circumstances weren't quite as unrealistic as The Biggest Loser is so why couldn't I do that?? After a few commercial breaks I had a realization. 


Ok, I havent lost huge numbers in short time frames like them, but I have lost 44lbs in under a year and am still going strong! I have worked my butt off and actually started working my butt off, :-), and I need to stop being envious of others huge weight loss amounts because I soon will be one of them! I know I will because I know I can do it! I just need to get over this tiny bump in my journey. 
Think of me when you are eating that huge juicy burger and potato salad this weekend please because this momma has some food changes to make! :-)

Ill probably have a half a burger.....

Until next time....