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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I wished upon a shooting last night.......

My hubby never gets sick.....if he does it is allergies or a small cold.  So, with 3 1/2 weeks left until my due date we never thought we would be spending time in the hospital for any reason other than having a baby!  It started around August 6th, he started not feeling well, was running a fever and just plain icky!  He took Friday off of work (which he NEVER takes days off of work!) and he rested throughout the weekend and went back to work on Monday.  Monday he was feeling a little better and Tuesday he was still tired but not too bad.  Tuesday August 10th he realized that something wasn't right and FINALLY decided to go to the Dr's!  I took him in on Wednesday morning and they checked him over and did some Xrays and found out that his right lung was filled with pneumonia so we were sent straight to the hospital.  After arriving at the hospital he was looked over again and the hospital Dr. gave him a prescription, took him off of work for a week and sent us home.  He took his meds like he was supposed to and rested at home for a week and at the end of the week he was feeling great so he returned to work on August 18.  He worked for the remaining two days of the week and over the weekend even though he looked and felt 100 times better he was still having some troubles breathing.  Being the stubborn man that he is, he didn't think he needed to go back to the Dr's since he felt good but I finally talked him into it on Tuesday the 24th because he was still having issues with his breathing when he was lifting things.  So, we went back to the Dr's thinking that he just needed another round of meds to clean things up, they looked him over and took more Xrays of his chest to see if they had improved in the two weeks since he had been there last and much to our surprise his lungs were worse!  Not only was his right lung almost all the way full but it had moved to his left lung too!  So, you guessed it, off to the ER we were sent!  Tuesday night my hubby was admitted to the hospital for severe pneumonia and a right lung that had collapsed......and that brings us to the present day, Thursday August 26th.....where we are currently on day 3 of him being in the hospital.

Last night as I was driving home I had the music low, Cady was in the back sleeping and the moon was shining bright straight ahead of me!  It was so bright I probably could have driven without my lights on!  Since it was pretty late, the high way was kinda empty so I had much of the road to myself and it was very peaceful.  As I was driving I looked to my left and saw a shooting star falling through the darkness.  I immediately made a wish.  I wished that Leif would get better.  I wished for strength to get through all of this.  And even though I want this baby out now I wished that he would stay in until Leif is well enough to be at the hospital with me.  When I got to the hospital this morning he was doing much better than yesterday and was given the news that he may be able to come home tomorrow!  Lets hope my wishing and praying is working!  And if you would like to send a prayer for us too, that would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. OmGosh girl...I have not been around so I had no idea. I am praying for him now. Hang in there. God uses every storm that we go through.
    Praying that you are able to get rest and take care of yourself and those that need you too.