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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Conversations with a 2 year old

So, my daughter has been talking for awhile now, but just lately she has started talking up a storm!  She has been asking questions a lot (mainly WHY???), telling us what she thinks, making decisions and even talking back a few times!  Its amazing how far her level of speech has come in just a short time!  Lately she has been saying some wild things that make me laugh so much, even more when I realize that she is only 2!

Here are some of my favorites that I can think of right now!

-Cady: Momma, ball house!
-Me: Momma cant fit in the ball house.
-Cady: Why?
-Me: Because my butt is too big!
-Cady: You no have big butt momma!
-Me: Aww, thanks!  I love you!
-Cady: I Lub ME too momma!!

-Me: Cady, come here please.
-Cady: Why?
-Me: Because I said so.
-Cady: I busy!
-Me: Doing what?
-Cady: Pooping!

-Me: Do you want hot dog or sandwich for snack?
-Cady: Leave me alone!
-Me: Ok then, I wont get you a snack.
-Cady: What-Eva!

-Cady: Mom, come pease!!
-Me: Why?
-Cady: I stuck!
-Me: Where are you?
-Cady: Here!
-Me:  Where is here?
-Cady: Ova here!
-Me: I cant help you if I don't know where you are.  What room are you in?
-Cady: Ova here!
-Me: *Walking into the playroom* Hunny, why are you in your doll stroller?
-Cady: Cuz I stuck!!

-Cady: Cassy!
-Cady: Cassy!
-Cady: Cassy!
-Cassy: What Cadence?

-Me: Cady, I love you.
-Cady: Lub you too, now go away!

Ill leave it at that for now.  I'm amazed at the new words that she learns everyday!  Apparently we are going to have to teach her that telling people to shut up and telling them to go away is not nice!  

BUT, How can you even resist this face??

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  1. Steph-
    as the mom of a 2-year old girl, I know you are not making these up. I'm laughing out loud!