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Friday, March 1, 2013

Is he or Isn't he?

I just need to know........
Our son Nathan is 2 1/2.  He is not an easy boy.  He is not whatever society thinks is a 'normal' child. He is Nathan, Nate, Monkey, Bub, Brother and my heart and brain and research are telling me that he is also Autistic.  Only he has not yet been formally diagnosed. We are working on an Educational and a Medical Diagnosis right now but I'm to the point where I just want them to tell me yes, He has Autism so that I can move on with our lives, get him the help and resources he needs and just start our lives again. What kind of mother WANTs their child to be labeled autistic?? I just need a simple yes or no...Right now I feel like we are on hold....like stuck in the middle of "Is he? or Isn't he?".
I have been researching on my own for months now. I know Autism like the back of my hand and I know Nathan like the back of my hand.....at least I thought I did. He amazes me every single day with the things he does! But I still just need to know....I think I almost need the label so that I can grieve. I feel like its not bothering me but deep down I know it is but I cant fully process things until I have that yes or no answer. I know it sounds weird but I almost think that if he is that it will make my life a little easier.....I will have some answers as to why he is the way he is and I can seek help, advice, treatment  etc and adapt to his needs. I just don't want to be hovering over what is wrong with him. I want to move forward and enjoy life as a mommy to him and a family. I want to make the changes we as a family need to make to work together....I just need to know what they will be....
As a mom I know in my heart that he is Autistic.  I know he has some sensory issues.  I know he does not fit societies standards of a "normal 2 year old boy" and I know this is going to be the hardest challenge God has ever given me. But I fully believe that God knew I would accept this challenge and hit the pavement moving forward!
To close I ask that you keep my family and Nathan in your prayers. Pray that we get a call soon from is Nuero-psychologist and we can start evaluation...
Challenge accepted and I wont let this push me down!
Until next time....

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  1. Where you live has so much to do with the testing parameters. Relatives who live in BC had their son diagnosed as autistic when he was 18 months. My grandson was 4 in Alberta before he could get the speech therapy he needs so desperately. Boys get diagnosed before girls ( 3 to 5 for boys and 10 for girls) on average. It all seems so unfair. One reason parents want early diagnosis is that early intervention is so vital. I pray with you that your little guy gets what he needs soonest and that you can begin intervention on your own in the meantime.