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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Father Daughter Dance 2013

My Baby Girl had her first Father Daughter Dance last month!  
I'm not sure who was more excited, me or her?  

I lucked out this year because she still fit in the beautiful Flower Girl dress she wore in my sister in law's wedding almost 2 years ago.... :-) Will she ever grow?? ;-) 

Dress 2 years ago

 Dress now!

We did her hair and I even let her wear a little make up so that she looked perfect for her big date!

Of course we had to pose for a bunch of "Mommy pictures"! Leif isn't too fond of pictures, but I think they are cute! 

Of course, I don't have any pictures during the dance because someone said he forgot a camera....HELLO, YOU HAVE AN I-PHONE!!!  But, I'm not bitter! LOL 

Overall Cady had a wonderful time with her daddy.  I'm so excited for the memories that they have started making for years to come and I know that Cady will remember these dances for the rest of her life!  And hopefully next year we will see some pictures during the dance! 

Until Next Time....

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