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I am Steph! I am a 30-something mom and wife. I am Bi-Polar. I am an Autism mom. I work full time outside the home. I overcommit myself every single day. I sometimes wonder how my husband puts up with me on a day to day basis. I have 2 children, one neuro-typical and one not so neuro-typical. I am a hot mess. I am Steph.

Friday, August 10, 2012

What I've learned since I started dealing with my Fat Girl Problems.

It's been almost a month since I have started working out consistently!  
Can I get a WHOOO HOOO!!!
And I am proud to say that I am still going strong!  
One of my fav Bloggers Jen started a 30 day workout challenge last week and of course we all know they needed a token "Fat Girl" to join the group! lol 
(just kidding....kinda....)
Well, I jumped at the chance to join the group, Operation LGN even though I was a little nervous to totally "put myself out there".  I did it....I uploaded my "Before" picture that night. Introduced myself and told a bit of my "Fat Girl Problems" story and left it at that.  I never in a million years thought that I would feel so loved, accepted and encouraged by a group of ladies (and one Tom) that I had never met!  In the past week we have checked in with pictures, workout plans, healthy recipes and funny or encouraging quotes! 
I have worked out 10 days in a row for at least 30 minutes each time!  And I feel like I am on fire!  I look forward to the evening when everyone goes to bed so I can take my C25K run/walk or ride my bike or work out on the Wii and I can honestly say I have NEVER felt excited to work out!  It truly is an awesome feeling and I am so thankful for all of the support I have gotten thus far! 

I wanted to end this blog post with a short list of things that I have learned since starting to work out, this seems to be a trial and error journey and although some things have been failures I have also found some things to be pretty comical after I think about it! So, here goes:

*I have learned that no matter what people say, when you are super fat, running down hill is not easier than running up hill.....It's all hard when you are carrying an extra 100lbs! 

*I have learned that you should never wear silk underwear and yoga pants if you want to keep you pants around your waist instead of your ankles while jogging. 

*I have learned that just because I couldn't do it a year ago doesn't mean that I can't do it now!

*I have learned that I need to buy a couple of sports bras before I start to run faster. 

*I have learned that when your stomach tells you that you really have to go to the bathroom.....don't keep jogging farther away from home....

*I have learned that sweat bands look really dumb on my head.

*And last but certainly not least, I have learned I CAN and I WILL do it.  
It may take me a while but it will happen! 

Until Next Time.....


  1. What a FABULOUS post! I love it Steph! And you are so on your way to a healthy life!! I'm so glad that us ladies (and Tom) can be here for you to encourage and congratulate you every step of the journey!!!

  2. Congrats on your one month! I know how hard it can be to stay consistent, and you are doing a great job! I really like your blog and I'm lovin' the owl! :)