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Monday, March 29, 2010

I need your help...I'm torn....

First off, I want to start by asking anyone who has a negative comment about this post to please check your opinion at the door because I don't deserve to be bashed for this question. Everyone questions themselves one time or another. I posted this question on a open forum site for moms that I'm a part of and have gotten more comments about being selfish and not being a real Christian than I have gotten honest answers.  I just need your help, a sort of What Would YOU Do situation...
Thanks in advance for your help!
So, my church is having a Mom 2 Mom sale in May and I am the chairperson of the fundraiser.  For anyone that isn't familiar with Mom 2 Mom sales, the church would make money from renting out tables to sellers and then the sellers could sell their items and keep the profit, so its a win, win for everyone.  We currently have about 4 tables reserved but have about 18 more to fill!  Since we still have some time I haven't really been too worried about not having all of the tables rented yet but I don't want to have to wait until the last minute to find people or have to cancel because we didn't get enough people interested....
So, here is my dilemma: I just got an email today from a lady who makes and sells hair bows for little girls and she is interested in renting a table at our sale to sell her items, she doesn't have any clothing items or baby items, just the hair bows....well, as some of you might already know I ALSO make and sell hair bows and tutus and other items and have not only reserved a table for that stuff but also for some baby stuff that I am no longer going to be using.  
So, My question is, do I let her rent a table so that the church can make the $15 for the table or do I tell her no because we already have a hair bow vendor at the sale?  I'm torn, because I know it will be competition for my business but I also know that the church could use the money and so I don't want to turn a table renter down.  
So please tell me, What would you do?

*****OK, So, I just wanted to update everyone, I emailed her letting her know that we would be happy to have her at our sale but I also let her know that we do have another vendor who also sells hair bows, but it was not against the rules to have more than one vendor with the same items.  I haven't heard back from her but I will let her ultimately make the decision as to if she would still like a table.*****

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  1. I think your update was actually the answer to your question! Let her decide. You let her know that there's already someone doing the same thing, so you shouldn't feel guilty. You made a good decision.

    Our church has a fall festival every year that does the same thing with the tables. Great idea for the mom tables.

    Be Blessed!