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Friday, September 21, 2012

Fitness Friday: 30 Day Shred

An AWESOME Bloggy Friend (Jen) of mine has started a Friday Blog post called Fitness Friday and I have been meaning to link up to her since she started and it seems like I either forget or can't think of anything to blog about!  SO, I'm so happy that I finally remembered before Saturday!  

If you have been tagging along with me along the last few months than you know that I have been on a weight loss/get fit and healthy journey so I'm going to use this post to update everyone on my progress.  I started working out consistently towards the end of July but I took my official "Before" picture in August and I'm using that to help document my body transformation because the scale hasn't been so nice to me lately!  

Here is the latest picture:

Can you see the difference??  The biggest change I can see is my "lower roll" has significantly shrunk.  If you don't know what part of the body that is I'll explain it a bit, lol.  If you look at my stomach, I have an "upper roll", a "tire" in the middle and a "lower roll"...sure the names aren't correct...but I have to have some sort of comic relief right!?

So.....I kind of fell off the C25K wagon (SUPER BUMMED) this month because I developed shin splints so I have been trying to nurse them because I REALLY miss running!  It's so weird to hear myself say that.  I mean, I'm still over 100lbs overweight but in the short time I have been working out I have accomplished things I never imagined that I could do!  And running was top on my list of things I couldn't do.  But I seem to be proving that list wrong everyday!

Because I couldn't run well at the moment, my sister and I started Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred.  

I would be lying if I told you it was easy!!  She kicks my B-U-T-T!!  We finished Day 10 (Level 1) on Wednesday and started Day 11 (Level 2) yesterday....All I can say is Holy workout! My results haven't been the greatest yet but I just keep telling myself that we aren't even half way done yet so hopefully I see some soon!  It would be nice if I could be one of them that loses up to 20lbs like she says on her DVD but at this point, I'm just happy with losing some inches!  So far I have lost 2lbs (I was at a 6lb loss but a few of those came back so I'm officially at a 2lb loss and a 1/2 inch on my hips.  

I'm excited to link to the other posts and see all the great things we are doing this week!  Come back soon, I will be updating along the way and I hope to soon introduce you to a smaller, healthier Steph! :-)

Until Next Time....

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  1. YAY!! SO happy you linked up this week Steph! You've been working so hard...I wanted you to share your progress :-) I know you are bummed about your break from C25K, but most people completely give up on working out when they develop shin splints or an injury. But not you!!! You have been KILLING this shred and I am so proud of you for already making it to level 2. You rock girlfriend!!! Keep up the GREAT work this week!!!