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Sunday, April 18, 2010

18 weeks and a green thumb!

Today I am officially 18 weeks along!  Only TWO more weeks until our 20 week ultrasound where we can hopefully find out what we are having!  I am SO anxious to know!  Its almost like I NEED to know....I am such a preparer that I have to have everything ready for the baby when they arrive and since I am a shopoholic I have been itching to buy some new baby items!!   I'm not too fond of the gender neutral options or the lack there of out there!  The selection is getting smaller by the day, it is either Pink or Blue and I want to make sure I have enough of whatever color we need on hand for the baby! My Grandma and Mom swear we are having a boy this time, but I really need a picture confirmation before I run out to by Little Slugger outfits and mini suits for church.   

On a different note, Cady and I have decided to venture into the art of growing our own flowers for our flower bed outside!  Last year when I stopped working full time we started working on some landscaping during the day and we have one flower bed with perennials and one smaller one that I put annuals in so that Cady and I can plant them together.  Normally I would just go to the store and buy flats of annuals for her to plant but this year to save some money as well as to try something new that she would have fun with we decided to grow our own in the house before we plant them outside!  Since I wasn't too sure if I have a green thumb or not, I started with a small amount to see how we do.  We planted Pansy's and some sort of Mexican Sunflower if I remember correctly and I am happy to report that we have a Green Thumb!!  We planted these on Tuesday and only 5 days later this is what I woke up too!

Cady is thrilled with her flowers and asks to look at them every time we are in the kitchen!  I cant wait until they are ready to plant in the ground so that we can see our handiwork outside making our yard pretty!  

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