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I am Steph! I am a 30-something mom and wife. I am Bi-Polar. I am an Autism mom. I work full time outside the home. I overcommit myself every single day. I sometimes wonder how my husband puts up with me on a day to day basis. I have 2 children, one neuro-typical and one not so neuro-typical. I am a hot mess. I am Steph.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thought Provoking Thursday

I took this idea from a fellow momma blog that I read everyday Manic Mother!! I linked this posting to her page so check out her page and pray for her son Ezra!!

Manic Mother

If you could make one fairytale or fable come true with you in it, which would you choose?

My Answer: I think I would choose The Little Mermaid. The thought of being Ariel and being able to have the best of both worlds and live on both land and sea is exciting! It would be fun to live with the fish for at least one day! And come on, Prince Eric is a looker! Lol!!

Your turn! Leave your answer in the comments or do Thought Provoking Thursday on your blog, ask my question or one of your own.

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