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Friday, April 12, 2013

Health and Fitness Friday: Shut up or Give up!

Today's Friday and I finally remembered before Saturday to join my girl 
Jen at A Daily Dose of Davis for: 

Today I'm not gonna lie, I'm kind of annoyed.  
I'm annoyed at all of the excuses I keep seeing or hearing.  
Makes me want to say, Shut up or Give up!! 

Yes, I had excuses, probably 15 years of excuses but I am living proof that today is the day to give them up!  Today is the day throw out "I'm too big to workout!" and say "I'm WORTH it!".  

No longer am I going to ignore these: 

1. I don’t have time.  MAKE TIME!!  If you have to workout at midnight, you workout at midnight! 
2. I can’t afford to eat healthy or go to the gym.  I cant afford a gym membership either, but I can afford to walk outside or OnDemand workouts for free or a $9.99 workout video! As far as food goes, you gotta do what you gotta do. If you have to give up your monthly Vera Bradley bag to get healthy then you need to do. 3. It is too hard.  Life is hard!  School is hard, work is hard, marriage is hard, going to the grocery store with kids is hard.....I can go on...4. It is uncomfortable.  Can you honestly say being overweight is comfortable? 5. I love to eat.  So do I. But you can make healthier choices and still love to eat. 6. I don’t know what to do or where to start.  Start by getting off the couch, simple as that!7. I don’t have the willpower.  Read this: http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/weight-loss-does-willpower-matter  Just do it. 8. I don’t have support from friends or family.   Get over it and make a lifestyle change for yourself, not the people around you.  9. I have a medical condition (thyroid, disabled, food intolerance, and many more). Many health conditions can disappear once you lose weight. Why wouldn't you want to get yourself healthy?

10. I have an injury to my (select all that apply) neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist, back, hips, knee, ankle, and/or baby toe.  There are plenty of workouts that you can do where you don't have to use the injured limb.  

I guess the reason why I am so annoyed is because I know it can be done!  I know if I can give up my excuses and lose 39lbs so far then anyone can do it!  I know that it is hard, the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but it is worth it!  The end results are there, the excuses are just clouding your vision to see the finish line. 

All that being said, I finally took a recent progress picture. 

There I am: 282 lbs with every excuse in the book who looked at this picture and said, "I need to get off the couch".  I need to change this. As simple as walking 20 minutes a day jump started my love for running and working out.  I know you can find 20 minutes, hell, if you can only find 10 minutes DO IT!  I guarantee you will start to feel better and that 10 will turn to 20 to 30 to 60. Trust me, I know it can happen.  As long as those excuses stay in the trash. 

Until Next Time.....


  1. This is awesome Steph!! Keep up the great work! You are kicking booty!

  2. You tell them! Steph, you are awesome. :)

  3. This post was not harsh at all Steph. IT'S TRUE!!!! I hear SO MANY excuses from people who say they can't run. It hurts my back, I don't have time, it's bad for your knees, etc. If only I could convince them to just TRY IT...I swear they would see how amazing it can be. And you are living proof my dear that there is NO ROOM FOR EXCUSES!! You can do anything you put your mind too. And in my opinion, working out for an hour is sheer BLISS compared to taking my kids to the grocery store. Ha! Love ya!!

  4. Way to go girl!! I've lost 130 pounds...it has took over 3 years! I used every excuse in the book...but one day I decided to just get up and "move." It can be done with eating right, drinking water and MOVING! Keep up the great work, Steph!

  5. This post gave me chills reading it! And I want to shout from the roof tops YOU GO GIRL! That's so awesome and even more admirable.
    I will definitely be printing couple of those out to stick on my mirror.

  6. Excellent post!! I love all the motivational quotes and the excuse list is spot on. Your progress pic is awesome! You go girl! I know you are so proud of yourself :)

  7. You are dong awesome! Keep up the good work!
    -Cate from Random Crafty Georgia GIrl