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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Health and Fitness Friday (On Saturday...)

Today's Health and Fitness Friday Saturday is brought to you buy a girl who has a little less "chin" than she had last year!  

I never realized anything had really changed in my face until I saw these two pictures tonight! One of my goals is to only have one chin....the ONE we are supposed to have! LOL  And it looks like I am well on my way to smashing that goal!  These pictures were both part of our annual Fall Family Pictures, but one year apart.  I realize that I am wearing blue in both pics, my hair is the same, and we are standing in the same exact spot both times....but that's neither here nor there....in the second picture I am clearly sporting a smaller chin!  

And yes, that makes me SUPER HAPPY!! 
(that will make more since if you watch Ni-Hoa Kailan at all)

So, I do have a couple more updates to share: I have been drinking A LOT more water on a daily basis.  And by a lot, I mean more than 1 glass a day! ( I used to HATE water!)  I have been averaging between 6-10 glasses a day. If you are having trouble with your water intake I thought I would share my trick to drinking more.  I have been drinking ICE cold water in these:

There is just something about the straw and the ice and always having cold water that helps me to drink more, my cup holds 16oz so I only need to drink 4 of them to get the minimum 8 cups! It's super easy and cheaper than buying water bottles and you eat less because you are not confusing your body with the question of Am I hungry or just thirsty.  Win, Win if you ask me!

I have also recruited another one of my sisters to workout with us!  So now we have a trio, myself, Sister Sam and Sister Christen!!  It makes it so much easier to workout when you have someone there to help push you, keep you accountable and sweat and die alongside you!  My knee seems to be better daily.  I am able to do more during our workouts and work harder!

I've also been debating on joining a gym.

Are you a member of a gym?  Do you actually go?  Is it worth the money?  Would you rather just workout at home when its convenient for you? Right now I am just working out at home using different Aerobic, Abs, Cardio workouts on my tv and DVDs, but I think I need more.  What do you think?

This was shared in my fitness group on Facebook and I think it describes what my December goals are perfectly!  Do you have any December goals?  My Actual goal is to be in the 240's by the New Year which means I have at least 10 lbs to loose before then....I guess I better get my butt in gear!

Until Next Time.....

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  1. I think you should totally join a gym! I joined Anytime Fitness on Black Friday and I honestly could not be happier with it!