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I am Steph! I am a 30-something mom and wife. I am Bi-Polar. I am an Autism mom. I work full time outside the home. I overcommit myself every single day. I sometimes wonder how my husband puts up with me on a day to day basis. I have 2 children, one neuro-typical and one not so neuro-typical. I am a hot mess. I am Steph.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dear Dora

Dear Dora the dog,

Please stop running out the door every time I open it even just a tiny bit. It takes time to get the kids in and out of the door and it is very handy to be able to leave the door open to load and unload items into the house. It makes me very said when I have to chase you all around Three Rivers and walk in some really creepy peoples yards just to get you. I really wish you would listen to me when I call your name and come back to your home. We give you a nice place to live, food, water, toys and love and you just run away from us like you don't want to be here. It hurts my feelings if you don't like your home, but I am trying really hard to train you to be a good dog. I would hope that your almost near death experience with the large black truck today would scare you into staying in the house when the door is open, but unfortunately I know that probably isn't the case. If you would like to live another day in our wonderful home I would highly suggest being a better dog and not being bad anymore. And if you run away from our house one more time I cant guarantee that I will rescue you from that large animal that I think is a cat across the street again.

With all my love,


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