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Saturday, February 21, 2009

High School Wrestlers....

So....my brother is on the TR Varsity Wrestling team.  I have been to many many wrestling meets and I have to say there is something kinda odd about them to me.....I have a lot of unanswered questions....maybe someone can help me....  I guess my first question is why do high school boys (and some girls) really want to roll around on the ground with other guys balls in their face?  What is with this new found epidemic of 'back tattoos"??  Like 1 in every 3 guys has one.  And most of them are their last name....do they need to permanently etch it in their back so that they can remember it for the rest of their lives?? What ever happened to a unitard?  Why is it suddenly a singlet??  Why do some of the wrestlers roll their singlets up so it looks like they are wearing a one piece bathing suit?  Why is the 103 guy from Portage Northern constantly walking around!?!?  And what is he listening to on his MP3 player? I'm convinced it is the theme from Rocky... Why are some wrestling moms kind of trashy??  Why is a hot dog from the concession stand so much better than any other ones at different sporting events?  And last but not least....WHY DO ALL WRESTLERS FEEL IT IS OK TO GRAB, ITCH, ADJUST AND GENERALLY PLAY WITH THEIR JUNK RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME???!!!?!?!?!

To conclude.....I probably shouldn't say this because its kind of wrong, but all in all High School Wrestlers are kind hot!!  Lol!

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